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The Maryland League of The South - Where We Stand

On Rights and Government

John C. Calhoun Rights are moral forces which must be vindicated by Divine or human action. Governments, acting with God-given authority, will promulgate just order and protect these rights. Governments are illegitimate insofar as they fail to do so. Over two centuries ago, the states, which were in actuality small countries, formed a union for practical purposes, a union under God, yes, but a divisible one contrary to what the Pledge of Allegiance says.

The states framed a constitution, a compact, and granted the central government “few and defined “ powers. They reserved all other powers, authority and ability to act to themselves. The federal government was the creature of the states—the states created the government-- not the other way around. Understanding that human nature is flawed and that power corrupts, the states wisely limited the size and function of this central government and retained for themselves the lion's share of authority. Today, however, their creature, that government, has grown monstrous.

This tyrannical government rules by manipulating an uneducated, mercurial American mob. This is nothing new. In letters written from his prison cell, Dr. Samuel Mudd, a Marylander, lamented:

“The President does not feel warranted in the execution of his plainest duties under the Constitution without first consulting the mob spirit.” and “Our country seems now not to be governed by the Constitution, or by law, but by unbridled popular or public opinion, of which I have no doubt many others, as in my case, have been made victims.”

As John C. Calhoun wrote, rule by concurrent majority—a majority of the states-- preserves liberty; rule by a numerical majority of the people in aggregate endangers liberty. Sadly, however, America did not heed the great statesman from South Carolina, and now these united states are weak sisters meekly doing the bidding of Washington.

On the Legitimate Role of a Central Government

No political [or financial] entity may endanger the livelihood or the wealth of the citizens of a nation. A government has no authority to manipulate interest rates or to print fiat money, that is currency not backed up by physical gold or silver.

A federal government must balance its budget.

A federal government has no authority to levy income tax on individuals.

A federal government has no role to play in a health care system. Federal involvement kills the free market and inflates health care costs.

On National Defence

While extending the hand of friendship to all nations, a country has the obligation to defend itself to the fullest against attacks. A nation has no right to involve itself in the affairs of other nations.

A nation has the right, the obligation,to protect its sovereign borders and to regulate immigration. The alternative is national suicide. There is no God-given right to immigrate.

On “Second Amendment” Rights

Each individual has an obligation to protect his life and the lives of the innocent; from this obligation arises the God-given right to keep and bear arms.

On Culture and Morals

The South is a society rooted in Christian-Western civilisation.

American culture or what passes for it is degenerate. Mocking the South and anything Southern, movies and TV shows, including situation comedies and game shows with their vulgarity, sexual innuendo and scatological gags, promote deviant behaviour, relativism and Marxism. The values of Hollywood and its sick East Coast cousin, New York, should be rejected by all Americans and certainly by Southerners.

Multiculturalism threatens our Christian-Western civilisation. It is a big government device designed to pander to certain populations for the benefit of political elites. The defence of our organic Southern culture is not an expression of hatred.

The education of children is the responsibility of parents, church and community.

A federal government has no right to insinuate itself in any way into the practice of religion.

Abortion is murder, and God commanded, “Thou shalt not do murder.”

An affront to Our Maker, same-sex marriage is a contradiction in terms, a device deliberately contrived and aggressively promoted to destroy matrimony.

To learn more about the League of the South's stand on these and other issues, please refer to The Grey Book Blueprint for Southern Independence, available from the LS national website.

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Dr. Samuel Mudd on Federal Tyranny

Dr. Samuel Mudd - Victim of a Tyranical Federal Government “…you ask me to write something cheering? Nothing would afford me more pleasure than to be able to comfort & console you in your present unhappy & helpless condition. So long as the Government is controled (sic) by men without souls & less honesty I can (not) promise you nor myself anything. The Spirit of infidelity pervades the whole Country. This is not only in regard to God, but to the laws & the Constitution of the Country. They are materialists & think only of self-gratification—exulting in the ruin & misery they cause others.”

Samuel Mudd, Marylander, from his prison cell in 1868
as quoted by Nettie Mudd in
The Life of Samuel A. Mudd.

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