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Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

The Maryland legislature recently had before it a bill that would have legalised “same-sex” marriage in our state. Proponents of the legislation employed the usual debating tricks to manipulate their constituents. The stealthy language of The Religious Freedom and Defense of Civil Marriage Act [SB 116] gratuitously and cynically upholds freedom of conscience while debasing matrimony.

WCBM in Baltimore aired on 16 February 2011 the following message prepared by the Maryland LS in anticipation of a vote on the bill in the Senate:

Hello, my name is Joyce Bennett. I am the spokesman for the Maryland League of the South and also the sister of a gay man whom I love very much. But I oppose gay marriage. Join the members of my organisation in letting our representatives in Annapolis know we Marylanders still honor our Southern values and wish to preserve traditional marriage, which is at the heart of a free, stable society. Learn more about the League of the South at dixienet.org.

The bill ultimately failed to pass both houses of the legislature. But the destroyers of our state are relentless, and they will certainly make other attempts to undermine marriage in Maryland. Is it time for Old Maryland to secede from Montgomery County and the rest of “blue” Maryland?

The Maryland State Song

The despot's heel is on thy shore,
His torch is at thy temple door,

In Margaret Mitchell's epic novel Gone With the Wind there is a poignant description of retreating Confederate troops, “bearded, shabby files,” marching down Atlanta's Peachtree Street “ to the tune of 'Maryland! My Maryland!'” And the melody of Maryland's State Song is heard twice in the movie GWTW. It is played as a waltz at the charity ball where Scarlett O'Hara dances with Rhett Butler. Later it is heard as a dirge as the camera pans out to show the ground covered with wounded and dying Confederate soldiers. “Maryland, My Maryland” has long been revered by Southerners and associated with the South, but today carpetbaggers and scalawags in the Old Line State want to change or replace it altogether.

Every few years a bill is introduced in the Maryland legislature to ban or revise our anthem. In 2001 the cultural cleansers in the General Assembly targeted the old hymn to secession at the insistence of one young boy in Montgomery County, a hotbed of Yankee newcomers, transients and illegal immigrants. The reconstructionists were at it again in 2008 introducing House Bill 1241 citing the song's “offensive” words. The line “Huzza! She spurns the Northern scum!” enrages both the ***occupiers of our state and native sell-outs. At a hearing on the bill, opponents of “Maryland, My Maryland” complained that the its lyrics proved too difficult for children to memorise, that Lincoln had not shown himself to be a tyrant as he was portrayed in the song and that Maryland had remained in the union willingly. Regarding the first point, school children, it is our belief, should apply themselves more diligently, and teachers must work harder to enlighten their pupils. To respond to the other points: Lincoln was a tyrant, the armies at his command invading our state in the spring of 1861. Maryland was an occupied Southern province not a loyal Northern state.

The Maryland League of the South joins the Maryland Sons of Confederate Veterans and other defenders of our Southern heritage and culture in taking a stand for our state song, the “Marseillaise of the South,” and we will logically and respectfully challenge any move to change or replace it.

Tipping for Dixie

“As God is my witness, I'll never say 'you guys' again.”

- Scarlet O'Hara

Mark A. Thomey in his excellent essay “Saving Y'all” [Free Magnolia, Vol. 3, No. 3] suggests that to help Southerners “repent of their Yankee dialect” we should very generously tip waiters and waitresses who speak Southern.

The Maryland LS encourages our members to compliment and to leave large gratuities to waitresses, waiters, beauticians, barbers and others in the service occupations when they “speak Maryland” not “New York” or “PA,” when they say “y'all” rather than “you guys” and display old-fashioned Southern courtesy.

Taking Our Stand

We will be featuring on our website examples of Marylanders' defence of our culture, language, manners, cuisine, history. For more information, contact Joyce Bennett, Maryland LS Chairman.

Taking our stand for Maryland history...

Joe Delimater, president of a 500-member homeowners' association, wrote the following for his organisation's newsletter.

“Spring is finally here! Although we did not have a repeat of major blizzards here in Glen Burnie, we did endure a cold and windy winter. April will bring showers and flowers and the inevitable roar of lawnmowers on lazy weekend mornings. With a still lagging economy and higher prices on just about everything due to higher fuel costs, many of you like me will be staying closer to home during the vacation season. Vacationing at home does not have to be boring – as Marylanders we are in the best location to enjoy the many events planned over the next four years for the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. As a local history enthusiast, I am eager to attend the many events in our area and the adjacent states of Pennsylvania and Virginia. This month we mark the Baltimore Massacre which occurred on April 19, 1861 when Massachusetts troops fatally wounded 12 city residents which was the first bloodshed of the War Between the States. Please conduct your own internet search or visit the following websites to explore the rich history we have in our own backyards: www.civilwar.org; www.nps.gov/civilwar/; www.civilwartraveler.com/150/index.htm; www.civilwarbaltimore.com; www.virginiacivilwar.org; www.pacivilwar150.com/about/index.aspx.”

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