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Who We Are:

The League of the South strives to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being of the people of the South.

What We Do:

The League of the South serves the Southern people by:

  • Encouraging locally based solutions to economic and social needs.

  • Helping our neighbours when natural disasters strike the South.

  • Promoting an accurate understanding of the South's unique way of life by using seminars, symposia, multimedia, and more.

  • Improving our communities by encouraging active participation in civic activities.

Why We Need Your Help:

The League of the South calls upon you, the people of the South, to stand with us in our noble goals, and to that end we humbly ask for your generous support.

To make a contribution to the League, mash on any of these links:

Maryland League of the South
PO Box 36
Clements, MD 20624-0036

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