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The Free Magnolia:
The Voice of Southern Life and Culture

The Free Magnolia - The Newspaper of Today's Southern Nationalist Movement! Published by the League of the South, The Free Magnolia is the newspaper of today's Southern Nationalist Movement. To discover for yourself just how outstanding The Free Magnolia really is, check out our extensive online archive. Individual and bulk subscriptions, of the print addition are available from the LS national website.

League of the South Core Beliefs Statement
Dr. Michael Hill - League of the South President

At its founding meeting in June 1994, The League of the South adopted the following Statement of Purpose: "We seek to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Southern people by all honourable means.” Our Core Beliefs Statement is a more detailed explanation of our views on the four areas set forth above—the cultural, social, economic and political.

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